About Us

Tim Tiley started distributing a range of cards and posters in 1970. In his early years, he was best known for his range of inspirational small posters, cards and booklets that were sold at Cathedral shops and Church book stalls to their wide ranges of visitors. His products seemed to appeal not only to committed Christians, but also to many of those "floating voters" found on the "Fringes of Faith". Tim Tiley Ltd was established as a limited company  in 1978 and has been active in the church tourism field ever since. It was not long before Christian bookshops and retreat centres began to approach him, and they have also become a major part of Tim Tiley Ltd's customer base, bringing inspirational products into town and city centres throughout the British Isles.

Since the mid 1980's Tim Tiley broadened his range to include a wide variety of popular inspirational gift products sourced from, or jointly produced with, a network of similar Christian distributors around the world.